College Storage Miami FL
April 19, 2019
5 College Storage Ideas For Packing Your Dorm Room

Find tips for packing up the dorm room with SpareSpace Storage in Miami FL. Moving back home after a semester on campus can be simple when you have a safe place to store your dorm room items. Our college storage ideas can help you store books, the mini fridge, and more! Reserve your summer storage […]

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Selling Items Online Miami FL
March 1, 2019
Tips to Selling Items Online

Storing extra gear at home? Clean out your house for warmer weather with these tips for selling items online. If you have not used supplies in the last year or worn a specific outfit in a few months, you can sell online and get your money back. SpareSpace Storage has storage tips to assist with […]

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Apartment Storage
February 8, 2019
Top 5 Reasons Apartment Renters Are Using Storage

Renting your first apartment is a big step! If you need extra space to store your hobbies and other equipment, Spare Space Storage can assist! We offer two locations in Miami FL. Self storage and these apartment storage ideas will help while moving all your belongings and getting everything organized. While you enjoy living in […]

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Miami FL Storage
January 5, 2019
Jumpstart Your New Year With 3 Podcasts

How can podcasts help you get organized for the new year? An online series about revamping your schedule or home can be the solution you need when organizing. SpareSpace Storage offers Miami FL storage space so storing is easier when you need extra space. Have you ever been cleaning out the house and need room […]

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Holiday Storage Tips
November 4, 2018
5 Useful Holiday Storage Tips

Here at SpareSpace™ Storage we know the holidays get busy and cleaning your home is not top on the list. These holiday storage tips to keep you organized, are just what you need. Make room for the family, clean out the closet of memorabilia, even straighten up the garage, all with the assistance our extra […]

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Moving Supplies Miami FL
October 29, 2018
Moving Supplies: Useful Tools for Self Storage

Moving supplies can make your next move a success and storage space from SpareSpace Storage™, will be a space saver. Our tips for storage and how to store your belongings will come in handy when it is time to move or organize your work space. SpareSpace Storage™ is an up and coming self storage facility […]

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boat storage tips Miami FL
September 1, 2018
Boat Storage: 6 Self Storage Tips to get Started

SpareSpace Storage™ has a safe Miami FL storage unit for your boxes as well as tips for boat storage. When it is time to pull the boat out of the water, look to none other then your storage experts here for long term storage tips. With these boat storage tips your boat is prepared for […]

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Storage Solutions Miami FL
August 1, 2018
Storage Solutions: Packing for Self Storage before You Arrive

What do you need to know before storing your belongings? SpareSpace Storage™ has the storage solutions for packing your home or business in the storage unit. Use the checklist below so you do not forget any details when storing. Whether you are planning to move houses or you want to get organized, our Miami FL […]

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temperature controlled storage Miami FL
July 1, 2018
Temperature Controlled Storage: Can You Benefit?

At SpareSpace Storage™ in Miami FL you have the storage features you want. How do you know if temperature controlled storage is right for you? With the assistance of our SpareSpace Storage™ experts you can pack gear and store everything in our Miami FL storage unit. Our secure storage units provide a convenient location for […]

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Storage Solutions Miami FL
June 1, 2018
Commercial Storage Tips

The goal is to keep your business on track with yearly goals, but when the office needs organized it can be tough. SpareSpace Storage™ can be useful for new and experience business owners. Our commercial storage options give peace of mind with top notch security and experts with answers. Use our Miami FL storage units […]

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