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How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths
February 16, 2022

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths After an Infestation

How is the best way to get rid of clothes moths if you think they may have infested your storage space? SpareSpace Storage walks you through the steps you should take to correctly identify your insect and properly clear them away. We know storage can take some upkeep to protect against these kinds of pests, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Follow our tips on getting rid of clothes moths, and see how else SpareSpace Storage can assist with your Miami home or business needs.

how to get rid of clothes moths

How to Get Rid of Clothes Moths

Confirm You Are Dealing with Clothes Moths

It is best to first identify the threat and make sure what you are dealing with is in fact clothes moths. They can leave a webbing material and also might chew holes in your fabric. Their preference is animal-based fibers, like cashmere and wool. You will most likely not see the clothes moths as adults, as most of the damage is done by the larvae. But as adults, the casemaking clothes moth and the webbing clothes moths are about a centimeter long with a yellow or gray color.

Clean Your Clothes & Storage Space

Once you know you are for sure dealing with clothes moths, you can start assessing the damage. Look through affected bins for pieces that have little damage, versus damage that is probably past the point of repair. Throw the pieces that you can save into the wash with warm water—or if the clothing’s tag says to dry clean, follow those instructions. Then clean your storage space. Vacuum the area well if there is carpeting flooring, and shampoo the carpet to get rid of any clothes moths that are still around. Throw out your vacuum bag immediately, so they do not make they way back into your storage space.

Take Precautions when Packing

How can you prevent clothes moths from getting into your clothes again? These pests are attracted to dark, humid spaces, so you can see why tight storage spaces need to be frequently checked for this kind of damage. As you are packing fabrics, use air-tight containers like bins. If you use garment bags or similar containers, it is worth your while to tape up seams and other parts that can potentially have holes to let in bugs. In addition to packing precautions, it is also beneficial to visit your storage space periodically to move boxes around and allow for some air flow. This is a good opportunity to scan over your items for any damage, so you can catch any kind of damage early.

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