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Local Storage Miami FL
September 10, 2019

Local Storage for Back To School

How can local storage in Miami FL help with back to school season? As the kids say goodbye to summer and head into a new grade, SpareSpace Storage thought it would be helpful to give a few pointers for the season. Everything from getting the house fall ready to staying organized at the start of school. SpareSpace Storage will have a brand new storage location 30th Street in Miami FL ready to store your gear. Reserve your unit today.

Reserve your space online to help with your seasonal storage needs. Our all interior temperature-controlled storage building is the top-notch storage service you need.

Local Storage Miami FL

Seasonal Storage in Miami FL

  1. Swap your clothing with the help of InStyle’s article for seasonal fashion.
  2. Store camping equipment in storage until your next adventure. Clear plastic bins make it easy to view what is inside before unpacking.
  3. Beach toys and blankets should be sand free before putting into storage.
  4. If you plan on storing generators or swapping out tools for the season, remember to remove any gas from the tank.
  5. Use shelves while storing your canoe. Suspend the personal boat of the ground with the help of a shelf or straps.

Back To School Ideas for Organization

  1. Keep a supply stash at home for homework time and in the car for those busy mornings.
  2. Plan ahead with an information station, a calendar of activities, the menu for the week, and chore lists are a great start.
  3. During those last few weeks of summer establish a good bedtime that will help for an easy transition to school.
  4. Ask the kids to get rid of old clothes that no longer fit before planning a day to pick this year’s wardrobe.
  5. Make designated packing days so kids know when they need to plan ahead.

SpareSpace Storage is coming to Miami FL with local storage just in time for fall!