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Holiday Storage Tips
November 4, 2018

5 Useful Holiday Storage Tips

Here at SpareSpace™ Storage we know the holidays get busy and cleaning your home is not top on the list. These holiday storage tips to keep you organized, are just what you need. Make room for the family, clean out the closet of memorabilia, even straighten up the garage, all with the assistance our extra storage space. The options for self storage are endless; from businesses storing documents, to kids helping their parents downsize their homes.

SpareSpace™ Storage is ready to make storing simple and easy. Reserve your storage unit in Miami FL so your belongings are safe and sound.

Holiday Storage Tips

Before arriving at the storage unit, check out these 5 useful holiday storage tips.

  1. Tired of tangled lights or broken bulbs? Wrap each strand around one piece of cardboard. Mark the top corner whether it is colored lights or white. Go one step further and place them in a hard plastic bin for extra protection.
  2. Use leftover wrapping paper as a protective barrier for ornaments. The old crinkled paper makes for a great layer of protection for your breakables. Want something more protective? Find bubble wrap sold in our office.
  3. Consider storing presents in your storage unit. Keeping gifts out of the house cuts back on spoiled presents. Remember to mark each group so you will know which one goes to which person.

Self Storage For The New Year

  1. Make separate piles for donation, keep, and discard. Move the piles to their new location that day; leaving your three groups to sit can cause more anxiety than before you started.
  2. Choose a storage unit right for your belongings. If you need assistance, check out our storage calculator or speak with our storage experts today.

SpareSpace™ Storage is located in Miami FL and ready to help you store your belongings.