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Moving Supplies Miami FL
October 29, 2018

Moving Supplies: Useful Tools for Self Storage

Moving supplies can make your next move a success and storage space from SpareSpace Storage™, will be a space saver. Our tips for storage and how to store your belongings will come in handy when it is time to move or organize your work space. SpareSpace Storage™ is an up and coming self storage facility in Miami FL that will offer a secure option for storing all your belongings. Our office will be stocked with state of the art moving supplies. Let us help you answer some of the more common questions about moving supplies.

Moving Supplies Miami FL

A Secure Lock

The choice is yours when it comes to what lock is best for your storage unit. Look for a lock that fits together, leaving little wiggle room, and is durable against any extreme conditions. Even if your storage unit is indoor, your lock should still be a sturdy one. Padlocks show a lot of the shackle which can be a security risk, as can the combo locks.

Boxes, Small and Large

Choose a small box for smaller heavier items. Many movers want to fill up the large box since it has the most room, but this can become and issue quickly. The heavier the box the more effort it takes to lift. Make it easy on yourself and your movers, by leaving the large boxes for fluffy pillows and bedding.

Damp Rid or Moisture Control

Products that absorb water from the air are a necessity in both indoor and outdoor storage. Humidity can be a challenge many customers face but with the right moisture control products you do not have to worry. Do not forget the refill! The original container will last around 3 months, so have a spare ready for use.

SpareSpace Storage™ is coming soon to Miami FL with storage for businesses and home owners.