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July 1, 2018

Temperature Controlled Storage: Can You Benefit?

At SpareSpace Storage™ in Miami FL you have the storage features you want. How do you know if temperature controlled storage is right for you? With the assistance of our SpareSpace Storage™ experts you can pack gear and store everything in our Miami FL storage unit. Our secure storage units provide a convenient location for marketing materials, business documents, as well as household items.

With moving season in full swing, realtors are in high demand and so is self storage in Miami FL. See how businesses are using self storage to help their company.

temperature controlled storage Miami FL

Selling a home involves a lot of organization and realtors know this all too well. Many professionals in this field find themselves staging homes to help their clients showoff the best features of their space, but where do they keep the staging equipment? A storage unit at SpareSpace Storage™ can be a vital part when staging a home. A secure temperature controlled storage unit keeps the drastic heat waves out, so furniture and decorations do not suffer.

With recommendations from your realtor of safe storage facilities near you, clients can store extra gear to make their move easier. Realtors understand the importance of storage, both for their promotional items as well as client’s possessions.

Many times clients need to store items before finding the next home; a secure storage unit here will help. We have moving supplies as well! So, if your client needs space or tools to pack, let us know!

Temperature Controlled Storage for Business

  • Small Businesses
  • Professional Movers
  • Photographers and Artists
  • Auto Body Shops

When it is time to move, let our Miami FL storage units be the answer for safe storage. Here at SpareSpace Storage™  you can start reserving your unit online anytime. Our team of experts and online self storage tips will guide you through your next storage rental.

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